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Monday, July 28, 2008

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Five Ways to Strengthen Your Reiki Energy


Wouldn't it be nice if there were a few simple tricks for strengthening your connection to Reiki energy? Things that didn't take much effort but could have an immediate effect?

This article explores five simple ways to do just that. Undoubtedly there are many more, but these five all have the virtue of being available to anyone at any time, at any Reiki skill level.

Technique 1: Dry Bathing (Kenyoku Ho)

Although this is by far the most complex energy 'trick' of the five, it is still relatively simple. Doing it before each Reiki session will definitely make a difference to the flow of energy.


Put your right hand on your left shoulder, breathe into your hara (i.e. the 2nd chakra - located about 5cm below your belly button), and sweep diagonally - exhaling forcefully - across the front of your body down to your right hip.

(By 'sweep', we mean brushing your hand over your body as if you were 'sweeping' dust away from your shoulder, past your hip and onto the ground.)

Continue reading...Put your left hand on your right shoulder, inhale into your hara, and 'sweep' - exhaling - down to your left hip.

Put your hand back on your left shoulder, inhale, and sweep your hand - exhaling - down to your right hip.

Extend your left arm out in front of your body, palm facing upwards, arm horizontal to the ground. Put your right hand on your left shoulder - inhale into your hara - and 'sweep' along your arm - exhaling - all the way past the left fingertips.

Repeat the process on your opposite side by extending your right hand palm facing upwards in front of your body (arm horizontal to the ground), placing your left hand on your right shoulder, inhaling into your hara, and sweeping along your right arm - exhaling - all the way past the right fingertips.

Extend your left arm out in front of your body, palm facing upwards, arm horizontal to the ground. Put your right hand on your left shoulder - inhale into your hara - and 'sweep' along your arm - exhaling - all the way past the left fingertips.

Let your arms hang down by the sides of your body and feel any energetic currents that may arise (most probably in your arms and hands).

Gassho (join your hands together in prayer position [namaste] in front of your chest) and give thanks.

Technique 2: Rubbing Hands Together

Rub your hands together vigorously for ten seconds before giving yourself or another Reiki. This will stimulate the energetic channels in your hand, thus making it easier for the Reiki energy to flow.

Technique 3: Keep Fingers Together and Hands Cupped

Reiki will generally flow more strongly if you keep your fingers together (although the thumb may, at times, separate from the other fingers).

Mrs Takata, the founder of Western Reiki, apparently proclaimed: 'Scattered hands, scattered energy'. She was right, although you should naturally never be dogmatic (sometimes, after all, you may in fact desire a more spread out sort of energy).

That said, 9 times out of 10 you will feel more if you keep your fingers together.

The same can also be said for keeping your hands held cupped rather than flat on the body. The reasons for this are not exactly clear, but try it if you are not already doing so. The energy almost always seem to flow better.

Technique 4: Hover Above Each Hand Position Before Touching The Body

A good way to get a stronger connection to each Reiki position is to hover above it with your hands before lowering them onto the body.

The trick is to wait until you get an energetic connection and only then put your hands on the body. For some reason this makes it easier to connect to the Reiki energy of each position.

Technique 5: Keep One Hand On The Body When Changing Hand Positions

To keep the energetic connection going (and build momentum, thus strengthening it), it is a good idea not to take both hands off your body when changing positions (the same applies when you give Reiki to someone else).

Keep one hand grounded while you move the other. Then anchor the one you have moved, and move the one you had kept grounded. That way the energetic space and connection you have established is not short-circuited.

Jeremy O'Carroll is a traditional Usui / Shamballa Reiki Master. He has studied Reiki in India, Thailand and Australia and is a registered Master Teacher at the ARC (Australian Reiki Connection). He is the founder of the Om Reiki Centre in Daylesford (Victoria), Australia.

Article Source:'Carroll

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Join Reiki Discussion Forum

If you are really serious on learning Reiki, why don't you join the discussion forum. There are a lot of internet forum that discuss on Reiki. You can discuss and share your problem with others who have similar interest on Reiki like you. Plus, you may also get free Reiki attunement by the forum members who many of them are Reiki Master themselves.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Importance of Intent

When I surf the internet, looking for something meaningful, I found this interesting article on Reiki. I think that it would be great if I can share it with you : )


The Importance Of Intent
by Taggart King

Many people are now experimenting with sending Reiki using their eyes and their breath, based on the two Japanese techniques 'Gyoshi Ho' and 'Koki Ho'. Now I do not believe that Reiki necessarily comes out of your eyeballs when you use the 'eye' technique, like Clark Kent raising his glasses to send laser beams out of his eyes. But I do think that you have created a little visualization that sends the energy in a particular way. When you imagine that Reiki passes from your eyes, the energy is focused in a way that picks up on some of the connotations of staring: the energy is received in a piercing, localized, penetrating, or 'focused' way. Send using your breath and the energy is sent in more of a superficial 'billowing' form.

You have made the energy go to the other person's body. You have intended that, and it has happened. You visualized to achieve this, but that is just a convenient way of focusing your intent, and it is your intent that is the important thing here, not the details of the ritual that you use to control the energy.

You may choose to carry out a detailed ritual in order to perform distant healing, you may use a set form of words, a symbol, more symbols, you may make a detailed visualization, but you are still focusing your intent and the details of the ritual don't matter. If you feel comfortable with detailed ritual - 'High Church' - then fine, that works for you; stick with that. But I think we need to realize that we can remove the strait jacket, we can let the ritual go if we want to and still achieve the desired effect, and that is still Reiki.

We can experiment: sit a Reiki friend the other side of the room and send Reiki to their forehead, or their shoulder. Don't beam it, don't do distant healing, don't use your eyes or your hands: sit on your hands, close your eyes and just *make* the energy go where you want. It will follow your thoughts. When you are thinking nice warm thoughts about another person then dzzzzt, the energy has followed your thoughts, your focus, and you have just sent distant healing to them.

When we self-treat we can move the energy through our bodies using our mind, using our intention. If you can't contort yourself and get your hands to rest on the part that you want to treat, just imagine that your hands are resting on the area that you want to treat, and the energy will be there. Imagine that you have backache, and you are laying on your bed with your hands resting on your abdomen. Imagine - visualize - that the energy is flowing from your hands to your back, and the energy will go there. You can even 'cut out the middle man': draw down the energy through your crown and imagine it passing through your body to the affected area. The energy will go there.

The symbols, too, are a visual focus that connects us to a particular aspect of the energy that we have all been attuned to. They were introduced by Usui late on in Reiki's history to assist a few of his students to connect to the energies. They are the foundation of Western Reiki, though not of its original Japanese form. We can go beyond the symbols too if we feel that we want to, once we have experienced the distinctive flavors, the distinctive energies, of the Reiki symbols. Unfortunately the Western way does not tend to give us this opportunity, but the potential is there. What lies behind each symbol is a distinctive, characteristic energy, and with practice we can move the symbol to one side and access the energies direct if we choose, and that is still Reiki.

We can limit our practice of Reiki with our belief. If we believe that something is not possible, or not 'correct', then we are shooting ourselves in the foot before we even begin. If we believe that something is not possible then we will not try, we will not maximize our potential, and our Reiki is diminished as a result. If we can raise our horizons, suspend our disbelief, and simply try things, then we will be amazed by what is possible, and how simple things can be. "Where thought goes, energy flows."


Taggart King is a Reiki Master/Teacher from England who runs specialist courses for Reiki people in 'Original Usui Reiki' (passing on techniques from Mikao Usui's surviving students), and 'Five Element Healing'. He can be contacted on,

ReikiEvolution, 5 Rose Lane, Pinchbeck, Spalding, Lincs. PE11 3RN Tel: 0845 458 3004 (Local Call Rates) or +44 (0) 1775 722082.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Power of Chi/Qi

This video shows the real power of human chi/qi.

In this video, John Chang shows us what a human being can do...

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The reason why I show you this video is to tell you that human being is equipped with great powers. To give up in this life is not a choice that we should take. Learn to know yourself and you'll soon know that you have whatever it takes to be great.

Simple Exercise to Feel the Chi/Qi - Chi/Qi Exists!

This guy in the video try to proof that chi or qi does exist. Just follow the steps instructed in the video and you are on your way to feel your chi or qi. Do it now!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Empowering Medicine with Cho Ku Rei

Practice reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei to empower medicine.

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