This blog is mainly about FREE REIKI ATTUNEMENT. So, in order to understand the major part of the blog content, you SHOULD UNDERSTAND WHAT IS REIKI first. If you want to learn Reiki and get the attunement, this is the place where you can refer to to have FREE REIKI ATTUNEMENT. As you should know, normally the attunement fee charged by Reiki Masters is so expensive. Thus, I've provided the apropriate link where you can get it for FREE. So, this blog is mainly about giving you the information on where you can get FREE REIKI ATTUNEMENT on the web.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Free Reiki Attunement

Hi there! I'm really sorry for not posting any new messages for a very long time. It is challenging to find any offer of free reiki attunement now. However, today I've something for you. The guy on the video will give you free Reiki attunement. Just follow his direction and you're ready to receive the Reiki energy. In this process, your crown chakra will be opened up to be the gateway of the Reiki energy. Enjoy the process. Hope that this is useful.

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