This blog is mainly about FREE REIKI ATTUNEMENT. So, in order to understand the major part of the blog content, you SHOULD UNDERSTAND WHAT IS REIKI first. If you want to learn Reiki and get the attunement, this is the place where you can refer to to have FREE REIKI ATTUNEMENT. As you should know, normally the attunement fee charged by Reiki Masters is so expensive. Thus, I've provided the apropriate link where you can get it for FREE. So, this blog is mainly about giving you the information on where you can get FREE REIKI ATTUNEMENT on the web.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Free Healing from Reiki Chains

Hi guys,

I really appreciate your visit to my blog. If you are a Reiki Master and want to offer free Reiki attunement, you can tell me about it by sending me an email at I know, not every Reiki Master has a website to announce the offer. To find the offer of free Reiki attunement other than what has been listed ni my blog is a bit difficult now. I really appreciate if you can help me.

Okay, in this post, I would like to inform all of you that The Reiki Chains ( offers free distant healing. You may request your free Reiki healing at:

Friday, August 1, 2008

Another Offer of Free Reiki Attunement!

Hi guys, after days of strenuous search, finally I found a Reiki Master by the named Ian who offers free Reiki attunement until 3 levels (Usui Reiki). He can be found at his great website:

Get free Usui Reiki attunements - reiki should be free to all!

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