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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Important - Read This First

I assume that most of the visitors of this blog has at least know the basic thing about Reiki. But still I believe that some of them don't really know or understand it. Perhaps for better understanding of my blog, you should know two things. First, What is Reiki and what is Reiki attunement.


Click here to learn what is Reiki

Click here to learn what is Reiki attunement

Last but not least, please forgive me for my bad English (Still learning :)). I hope you still can understand my writings. Enjoy the FREE ATTUNEMENT!


Anouk said...

thank you for such a good work you did. thank you that you have the kindness to announce the opportunities you opened. ana-maria

Syam said...

You're welcome Anouk. Thanks for your visit. Tell the others about my blog so that we can share the benefits. If you have any suggestion don't hesitate to tell me... thank you again! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I tried several of your links, and they are all broken. I tried them several times--but non luck.

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